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[en] The project suggests an exhibition space for an advertising company dealing with cutting and processing various materials. The theme of the showroom revolves around a “supporting” space which, with the help of furnishing and its main architectural elements, can display the techniques in material processing to be performed by the company: screen printing, mechanical and laser engravings, and water jet cutting.
The space has the shape of an extended rectangle, with a roughly centered access point and two extremities – one consisting of two offices and the other of a ladder connected to the upper floor offices. Due to its single side illumination, the separating wall between the offices and the central space was therefore designed to allow as much natural light into the expositional room. Moreover, this configuration directs the view from the access point towards the main desks, with the focus on the center of the room. The finishing of the space was aimed from the beginning to be visible with its exposed rough materials.
Each element of the design was chosen for a specific operation with the material and for the use of both new supporting materials – bond, comatex, Plexiglas panels as well as cut off materials left in the warehouse– steel panels, advertising objects etc. Moreover, the industrial atmosphere was created to best express the nature of the services provided, which was combined with blue – the colour of both the logo and the workers’ coveralls.
The graphic theme is also inspired from the industrial ones, having chosen to print technical designs with processing machines at large scale, technical design details and pieces of text, thus creating a technical environment. Illumination is provided by fluorescent tubes casting a cold light which are lineally fitted to metallic framework in a dynamic structure. This is attached under the exposed concrete beams to grant unity to the ceiling. The design of the tubes is a mirror replica of the blue stripes and text on the floor which directs the movement of the customers and marks the place of furnishings inside the space.

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[ro] Proiectul propune un spatiu expozitional pentru o firma de servicii in domeniul publicitar care se ocupa cu debitarea si prelucrarea diverselor materiale. Tema showroom-ului este aceea al unui spatiu “suport” care prin mobilare si elementele sale arhitecturale principale sa exemplifice modalitatile de prelucrare ale materialelor care se pot presta: serigrafie, gravura mecanica, gravura laser si taiere cu jet de apa.
Spatiul este de forma unui dreptunghi alungit, cu accesul plasat aproximativ central si avand la unul din capete doua birouri si la celalalt respectiv o scara care face legatura cu birourile de la etaj. Din cauza iluminarii pe o singura parte, peretele de delimitare dintre birouri si spatiul central a fost astfel conceput incat sa permita o iluminare naturala cat mai buna in spatiul expozitional. De asemenea, aceasta configuratie orienteaza atentia de la acces spre pulturile principale, concentrand atentia spre centrul incaperii. Inca de la inceput am dorit ca finisajele spatiului principal sa ramana vizibile, cu materialele fruste expuse.
Am ales ca prin fiecare element al amenajarii sa propunem o operatie specifica in material si sa folosim atat materiale suport noi – placi de bond, comatex, plexiglas cat si materialele ramase in depozit in urma debitarii – placi de otel, obiecte promotionale, etc. De asemenea, am ales sa cream o atmosfera industriala care sa exprime cat mai bine natura serviciilor oferite pe care sa o combinam cu albastru, culoarea siglei si a salopetelor muncitorilor. Fiecare element al amenajarii este realizat individual, fiecare piesa pe langa operatia mecanica are si o tratare grafica (printare, plotare) care completeaza schema.
Tema grafica aleasa se inspira tot din temele industriale, alegand sa printam desene tehnice cu aparatele de prelucrare la scara macro, detalii de desen tehnic si text, avand un font de factura tehnica. Iluminatul este facut prin tuburi fluorescente care dau o lumina rece, prinse liniar intr-o structura dinamica de profile metalice. Aceasta este asezata sub grinzile de beton aparent pentru a da unitate tavanului. Desenul tuburilor este o replica in oglinda a benzilor albastre si textului de pe pardoseala care directioneaza miscarea publicului si marcheaza locul mobilierului in spatiu.

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AUTHOR: Claudiu Toma
ADRESS: Timisoara, RO
PICTURES: Attila Wenczel
CREDITS: nominated for best interior A_TA 2013
PUBLICATION: Timisoara capitala liniilor de fuga – Arhitext – ISBN 978-606-8645-10-0, Catalogue BNA 2014