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[en] The student’s housing units are designed as a mix of private and public areas, providing intimate spaces that offer a quiet private ground for each student, where they can learn and retreat, in direct link with common facilities areas, spaces for public interaction, entertaining and communication. The mix of private areas and public areas is essential for informal learning, facilitating the interchange of creative ideas in a free and non-academic environment, thereby boosting individual evolution and a free exposure of ideas.

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[ro] Unitatile de locuit ale studentilor sunt tratate asemenea unui mixaj de spatii private si publice. Studentii beneficiaza atat de zone private in care se pot retrage si studia in liniste cat si de zone de facilitati comune, cu arii dedicate interactiunii sociale, activitatilor de recreere si comunicare, aflate in directa legatura intre ele. Mixajul de spatii private si publice este esential pentru procesul de invatare informala, facilitand schimbul de idei creative intr-un mediu liber si non-academic, dezvoltand astfel evolutia intelectuala individuala si un schimb liber de idei.

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