[en] The principle of intervention is to hide the existing configuration by a white continuously folded sheet that grants a dynamic sense to the interior and that influences the main pieces of furniture. Thus a clean and elegant space was generated. No color or indirect lighting was used in its configuration in order to point out the ambient impact, by using a hard juxtaposition between black and white.
The white sheet is the main element in the interior design – it hides in its thickness depositing areas, contains a continuous shelf for display made out of black glossy material and locally allows natural lighting from the glass facade. The black shelf is the only visible displaying/depositing area and is designed ergonomically to be used by a person standing tall.

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[ro] Principiul de interventie este ascunderea configuratiei existente cu o foaie alba continua pliata ce confera dinamism interiorului si care se rasfrange asupra elementelor principale de mobilier. Astfel a fost generat un spatiu epurat, elegant, in configuratia caruia se renunta la culoare si iluminat indirect in favoarea marcarii impactului ambiental, prin juxtapunerea dura dintre alb si negru.
Coala alba este elementul definitoriu pentru interior – ea ascunde în grosimea ei locuri pentru depozitare, contine raftul continuu de mobilier din material negru lucios si permite local trecerea luminii naturale dinspre fatada. Raftul negru este singurul element de depozitare vizibil, conceput ergonomic pentru servirea unui utilizator aflat în picioare.

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AUTHOR: Attila Wenczel
LOCATION: Timisoara, RO
PICTURES: Marius Dumitrascu
CREDITS: award A_TA 2009