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The main issue of the project is to find a way to create a new public centre for the city of As. We observed a certain relation in the surrounding areas of the town among the built and open land ratio and we chose to maintain it in order to recreate a livable exterior space. A dense built space is balanced with three important green areas, two preserved gardens existing on the site and one created on the roof of the Mega building. Each one is configured to correspond with three major built areas from the new project – cultural, student housing and living, each one different, permitting diverse social activities.

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We choose to maintain and adapt all the existing site buildings and to preserve and the green areas. These elements are anchors for the future development. The north – south orientation of the volumes is developed in the project in order to create a link between the main new square from the south to the preserved green area in the north. Also this configuration provides the possibility to obtain maximum sun radiation both for the building interior spaces and exterior adjacent public areas.
The final configuration is adjusted by slight distortion of each volume, maximizing the benefits of the final shape.

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AUTHOR: Claudiu Toma