Dental Praxis

Ideea proiectului s-a nascut odata cu predarea amplasamentului , intr-un tesut urban regulat, avand o latura tesita. Ideea a fost reconfigurarea functionala a acestei parcele, plecand de la cerintale specifice functiunii medicale dentare.



Parasites can function like keystone species, reducing the dominance of superior competitors and allowing competing species to co-exist.

TEMPO proposes a recess in the overcrowded schedule, a peaceful break during the day. Little habits can be reinvented inside a space which invites to leisure and lethargy. The arrangement offers various configured places where you can “waste your time”.

ES / Fabrica de Publicitate is a showroom for a firm located in Timisoara that produces displays, publicity objects and design materials. The entire space is in fact a huge frame where everyone can see those features and interact with.