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[en]The design proposal started from generating a completely black box, as well as a shape and as a concept, an abstract space that doesn’t breathe towards the outside world but keeps locked within the memory of events. Therefore the existing windows become showcases for exhibiting and communicating towards the outside, a sort of dynamic information screens. In the first design concepts we tried to cover and hide the existing structure, then tried to ignore it but came to realize that the best solution is to integrate the structure within the general interior design and to multiply it as a deformed projected image on the perimeter walls.Over the actual structure we imposed two elements with the intention of unifying the interior – one is the continuous strip of the perimeter walls that wraps up the entire space, comprising gaming as well as technical areas, and the other one is the artificial lighting that through its dynamic, intensity and color scheme modifies the space and in the same time divides it discrete in different areas. The spaces that make up the interior are thus differentiated in dynamic areas for gaming, static areas for bar and seats, intermediary areas for communication, etc.The flux of movements in the interior space has been a major theme from the beginning on, and the carpet was personalized as an interior map that charts the different functional areas by the use of printed texts and paths. This adds to the fact that the entire space can be read as a communicating body that facilitates the movement within it and the reading of the separate areas. The strong colors chosen for highlighting the space set landmarks in the black surrounding.For the whole interior design we strived to create a strong conceptual identity around the theme of the Blackbox, defining all the elements that make up the whole, the logo, the furniture ant the entire interior context.

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[ro]Propunerea nostra a pornit de la crearea unei cutii negre atat formal cat si conceptual, un spatiu abstract ce nu respira spre exterior dar care in acelasi timp pastreaza memoria evenimentelor. Astfel vitrajele existente devin vitrine “de expunere” si comunicare spre spatiul exterior, in fapt ecrane informative pe care le dorim cat mai dinamice. Primele intentii au fost de a ascunde structura, apoi am incercat sa o ignoram dar am ajuns sa realizam ca cea mai buna solutie ar fi sa o integram amenajarii si in acelasi timp sa o interpretam si sa o deformam asemenea unei imagini proiectate pe peretii perimetrali. Peste structura am suprapus doua elemente cu rol unificator care sa dea sens spatiului – primul a fost o banda alcatuita din peretii perimetrali care invaluie intreg spatiul impreuna cu spatiile obiect ale anexelor, iar al doilea element este lumina artificiala care prin dinamica, intensitate si culoare modifica spatiul si in acelasi timp il zonifica discret in tipuri diferite de spatii. Aceste spatii sunt diferentiate in spatii dinamice destinate jocului, spatii statice pentru bar si separeuri, spatii intermediare destinate comunicarii in zona meselor, birouri, etc. Directionarea in spatiu a constituit de la inceput o tema aparte. Mocheta a fost personalizata asemenea unei harti interioare care utilizeaza texte si trasee imprimate pentru a indica zonele functionale distincte. Astfel intreg spatiul devine un aparat de comunicare care faciliteaza parcurgerea si citirea functiunilor. Culorile tari alese tin de acelasi cod al comunicarii stabilit, constituind repere in spatiul negru. Pentru intreaga amenajare am dorit crearea unei identitati conceptuale puternice in jurul ideii de Blackbox, definind toate elementele care alcatuiesc intregul, sigla, mobilierul si intreagul context interior.

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AUTHOR: Claudiu Toma
ADRESS: Iulius Mall, Timisoara, RO
CREDITS: 2nd prize Insign Award,  best interior design A_TA 2010, Fluente Architecture Competition nominee
PUBLICATION:;; Interior World vol. 89 (Coreea), ISBN 978-89-5770-327-4, pp. 96-105; Arhitext no. 8-9 (210-211) august-septembrie 2010, pag. 162-167; Igloo habitat & arhitectura no. 103-104 IULY-AUGUST 2010, pp. 38-45; Designer & Designing vol. 47/2010, China, ISBN 978-7-5390-4014-1, pp. 58-63; Times Space 15/2010 (China), ISSN 2074-8701, pp. 56-61; Space & Environmental Graphics, Japonia, ISBN 978-4-89737-671-4, pp. 67-70; A 51 – 51 de birouri de arhitectura 2010, ISBN 978-973-0-09383-4, pp. 420-425, 14 birouri de arhitectura 40, ISBN 978-606-8026-09-1, pp. 142-153, De Arhitectura No.30 ISSN: 1582-179x; Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2010 (ZEPPELIN) Bucuresti (Romania) ISBN:978-973-0-09423-7 pp. 153; BAB Catalogue 2010; Interior Public Space – The Charming Night vol. 38, 2011 (China), ISBN 978-7-900774-85-9, pp. 56-61; The Charming Night, Ifengspace, Tianjin(China), ISBN 978-7-214-06988-7, pp. 194-204 – Bowling Billiards Darts Club; World Interior Design. (Boutique Restaurants, Phoenix Publishing Limited), Hong Kong (China), ISBN 978-988-15903-2-9, pp. 178-183; Interior Design. Gold and Silver Book (H.K.Rihan Int’l Culturev Spread Limited), Beijing (China), ISBN 978-7-5611-6374-4, pp. 86-92; Night Time (Sandu Publishing) CHINA ISBN: 978-988-16352-5-9 pp.122-123; BOB 084 showroom, Coreea, ISSN 1739-2845, pp. 124-125; Arhitectura – Numar Special (U.A.R) Romania, ISSN: 1220-3254, pp.110-11; Charming Night (Artpower) Hong-Kong (China), ISBN:978-988-16688-7-5 pp. 26-33; Way Of Sign lll. (THE STRAITS PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTING GROUP) Hong-Kong(China), ISBN: 978-7-5335-4214-6 VOL2. pp. 130-139; Timisoara Capitala Liniilor De Fuga – Arhitext – ISBN 978-606-8645-10-0




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ADRESS: Iulius Mall, Timisoara, RO
PICTURES: Attila Wenczel