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Coffee House

[en] The space is located on the commercial ground floor of a block of flats in Timisoara. The space serves as a showroom exhibiting professional coffee and espresso machines. The interior organization of the space is dictated by the spatial configuration of the interior, represented as a minimal rectangular space oriented with the smaller side towards the public urban space. Therefore, the long sides of the space become the ordination elements of the interior. One of the longitudinal walls becomes the signal of the showroom, communicating the profile of the shop to the public while being covered by an over-sized print of coffee beans. The opposite longitudinal wall serves as a physical support for the coffee machines by multiplying the background wall by a support shell cut in sequential strips with different profiles. The entire space is artificially illuminated by projectors on rails.

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AUTHOR: Attila Wenczel, Maja Baldea
LOCATION: Timisoara, RO